CASINO'S Josh Boyd entered the RSA Australian title just to gain further first season experience in Street Stocks, racing against the best, never expecting to win the event at Gilgandra Speedway.

He did!!!

This was only ever going to be a fact-finding mission as he eased himself into a new class of racing after over three very successful years in Junior Sedans which took him to state and Australian title honours.

Winning against such a class field of heavy hitters was not even really talked about within his team.

It was all about a learning curve. He had not even won a main event in the Street Stock class prior to entering the Australian title!

The win also continues the incredible success enjoyed by Lismore Speedway competitors over many years in a variety of racing divisions.

“I didn't see it coming,” Josh, 18, said reflecting on his meteoric rise to the top of the RSA Street Stock Sedan ladder.

“But I'm delighted never-the-less to get the win,” he enthusiastically added.

“Dad and I were looking to the experience of racing in such a high tier level and we did not set the bar too high, but obviously we came back with more than that.”

Driving his VR Holden Commodore, Josh was always well positioned near the head of the field during the 25-lap final. The race plan looked better with every lap as he held a solid third in the first half of the race.

“The leader was a very experienced driver who I look up to and I watched how he ran the race and trying to work out how I could possibly get to, and around, him.

“I was waiting for a mistake, but that never came so about half way through the race I made my run and went for it.”

And he went for it, big time, with a sensational move that blasted Josh's Commodore into the lead. The last time he ran at Gilgandra Speedway was soon after he started his career in Junior Sedans, so this really was not only a challenge, but a whole new ball game.

The Boyd family is with Josh as he continues his successful speedway career. Josh, a second year apprentice motor mechanic, says it's all about family this win.

“I can’t thank my dad Trevor enough for all he has done for the team since we’ve started racing. It wouldn’t have happened without him. Mum, Karen, has been keeping me organised, focused and prompt since day one, so she deserves a lot of praise too. “Thanks goes to all of our team’s sponsors: Boyd’s Baling; our major sponsor. Thanks to my uncle Darryl Boyd for making the trek out west with us. It was great to experience this special moment with him and dad.”Josh also wants to sincerely thank his other sponsors: Ben Daley Signs, Kyogle Electrical Services, Blackwoods, Richmond Valley Tyres, Redline Automatics, Ando’s 4x4 Accessories, Richmond Valley Water Supplies.

Caption: Josh Boyd has had a spectacular rise to stardom in RSA Street Stock racing following his victory in the recent national title at Gilgandra Speedway. Photo: Tony Powell.

Caption: Josh Boyd – a proud winner of the 2020 RSA Australian Street Stock Championship.