WHAT BETTER WAY to start off the new year – January 1, 2022 – than a Monster Truck Spectacular, FMX free style motocross and massive fireworks display at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway?

It's the perfect commencement to next year as the Monster Trucks perform their car crushing antics, ramp jump leaps, and spectacular manoeuvres with brute V8 horsepower, delivering power to the ground via their massive tyres, while the FMX freestyle riders will also perform their spectacular, high flying sky show.

Promoter David Lander has revised his January race calendar and brought forward the Monster Truck night which was originally scheduled later in January.

“When the January 1 night became available at the Lismore Showground I jumped at the opportunity to have the Monster Trucks provide a very special New Year spectacular for us,” David said.

“They are very exciting machines. Their ground pounding routine involves a car crunching demonstration, spectacular wheel stands and jumps. It's all part and parcel of what these big trucks can provide,” he added.

Freestyle motocross riders provide acrobatics with tricks, stunts and jumps in a show high above the Showground arena that has to be seen to be believed!

Freestyle motocross has a couple of different definitions: Free riding was developed into freestyle motocross with somersaults, airborne reverse twists and tumbles that will be eye openers on this night.

There will also be a monster fireworks display when the night sky lights up with a kaleidoscope of colour. The January 1 family show will be a monster night of action which will also feature speedway racing with regular categories Wingless Sprintcars, Production Sedans, Street Stocks, RSA Four Cylinder Sedans, Junior Sedans and AMCA Nationals featured.


The Grand Final of the annual Mr Modified Series will rock the Lismore Showground with a main event held over a 40-lap distance.

Points from the opening round of the series will be carried over to the deciding Mr Modified round and the pointscore is normally close each season entering the grand final so there's every indications several drivers will be in contention for the Mr Modified Championship.


What was originally scheduled to be a two night show, will now revert to just one evening and the major attraction will be the Super Sedans.

The Queensland Super Sedan contingent with race for points in their season McCosker Series and a good line-up of cars is expected.

Another highlight of this meeting will be the annual running of the Junior Sedan Nationals when the youngsters – and future stars of Australian speedway – get a chance to take their place at centre stage for what is a major event on their season race calendar. (STORY BY DENNIS NEWLYN).