IT will be mayhem on wheels this coming Saturday night, January 22, when the Monster Trucks perform at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway.

There's also the unique “roll over” bike and a wall of flame stunt in the ultimate family entertainment spectacular. A monster fireworks display also will be featured in addition to the usual speedway racing card featuring a variety of car divisions.

The speedway sector of the show will be provided with action for Wingless Sprints, Production Sedans, Four Cylinder Sedans and Junior Sedans. There also will be an appearance by the New Zealand-styled Stock Cars which are built more for speed rather than the Australian bash and crash equivalent.

This is the second attempt by promoter David Lander to run this very special night at the Lismore Showground.

“This was what we had planned for January 1 as a New Year's Day family fun show but the rain put an end to that,” he explained.

“I have had to work with Monster Truck organisers to fit us back into their very busy schedule and I want to also thank everyone who has co-operated with us in the re-staging of this night.”

Two Monster Trucks will be in action and performing stunts that are truly entertaining.

This earth shaking, ground pounding routine involves a car crunching demonstration, spectacular wheel stands and other manoeuvres. It's all part and parcel of what these big machines, shod with huge tyres, can provide.

Car crunching antics are their speciality. The massive roar of the V8 engine, with its own pulsating sound which vibrates throughout the ground, their high flying routines and trampling over the top of cars, flattening them to ground level, is what makes Monster Trucks such an awesome spectacle.

The “roll over” bike literally rolls in a specially constructed frame work that makes this part of the night very unique.

Then Nathan Harper has the choice of either riding or driving through a wall of flame. Harper, who works at the circuit in charge of noise monitoring, is a daredevil who likes a challenge and he's taking all the required safety precautions to ensure his part of the night goes off without a hitch.