THE inaugural running of the East Coast Production Sedan Grand National will be decided at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway on Saturday night, March 14, 2020.

It has the potential to be one of the biggest events during the 2019-2020 season if early interest is an indication.

An estimated $11,000 in prize money will be up for grabs and promoter David Lander already has locked in the event, presented by the Lismore Automobile Club, as a $2,500-to-win race.

LAC President Nathan Gordon is very excited at the prospects of a very strong entry list with tow money endorsements as part of the package.

“We want to ensure everyone has tow money and even if a driver does not qualify for the main event, that competitor will at least go home with a lot of laps under his belt and money in his pocket,” he said.

“We are expecting forty-plus cars, including the current Australian Champion.”

The LAC has worked closely with promoter David Lander to make this one of the major sedan events on the Australian east coast that has the potential every season of attracting a high car count.

“There is no other Production Sedan event that night on the east coast. That's why we picked that date,” Gordon explained.

“We want to build this race to be the most exciting Production Sedan meeting in Lismore, if not the east coast of Australia,” he added.

The East Coast Production Sedan Grand National sits nicely beside the other blue ribbon Production Sedan fixture at Lismore – the annual running of “The Dream” which will be decided on November 30.

“Both are important races in their own right,” Lander said, “but without any opposition from other Production Sedan events on the selected weekend in March, we stand a chance of not only a bigger car count, but can grow the GN event further.”

Lander and the LAC are presently finalising a race format for the GN.

“The driver who is top point scorer from the heats can nominate to start in last position in the GN final. If that particular competitor chooses to do that and race from the back of the field, there's a $500 bonus, while an extra five laps will be added to the race, taking it from 35 to 40 laps. The format will be exciting,” Gordon assured.

With the distinct possibility of over 40 cars in the pits, a B-main will most definitely be required in addition to earlier heats. (ARTICLE BY: DENNIS NEWLYN).