NOMINATIONS ARE STILL OPEN for the demolition derby at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway on January 18 – but time is running out to file an entry!

If you want to be in-it-to-win-it and the $2,500 in cold, hard cash that goes to the victor, make sure you enter before nominations close Sunday, January 12.

It's not difficult to enter – as close as a phone call – to office secretary Ann Clarke (0400450205), by contacting the Lismore Speedway office (6621-2733) or email: office@lismorespeedway.com.au

It's that simple and there's certainly two thousand five hundred reasons – at a dollar each – why it's very important to enter.

There's even a $500 cash award for the driver judged the most spectacular.

This is a chance too good to knock back for just 30 minutes work.

Regulations and specifications are provided with each nomination form and it does not take a major rebuild to ensure a car meets the required safety standards to enter, though there are rules that need to be met regarding specifications in the interest of driver safety.

All the details are shown – including one day licence availability – on the nomination form.

The money is certainly very good and the basic rules are simple: last car running wins the big cash! A driver who enters a demolition derby should have only one objective in mind: crash the opposition into submission.

That's what it takes to win the “race.”

So go to it – there is not much time left to enter for the lucrative event on January 18