SYDNEY Sprintcar driver Warren Ferguson is heading into the unknown when he races at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway, Saturday night, November 20.

Warren has never driven at the tight Lismore Showground venue but he says it's important just to get seat time in view of the fact he has not raced a Sprintcar for almost two years.

January, 2020 at Moama in the Riverina district of southern New South Wales was the last time he drove a Sprintcar. Apart from that, he has had only a few other limited racing opportunities in the Midget-Speedcar and Wingless Sprintcar divisions since then.

He is just looking forward to going racing again after such a long stint on the sidelines. “I have been keeping my eye in with video racing games,” he joked. “I am not feeling too bad about getting back behind the wheel again and my expectations of the Lismore circuit is it's more about seat time, learning a new track and presenting new opportunities.”

He is aware that it's all about passing opportunities on the circular Lismore bull ring track.

“My expectations are a very tight little circuit and passing at the right time, but it will be an enjoyable challenge.”

Ferguson hauls into Lismore after having joined forces with Sydney-based ASR (Andrew Starkey Racing) team operation. ASR are supplying the car and Warren is using his own motors in a joint venture. He will drive an American Maxim company manufactured chassis Sprintcar at Lismore.

He says the objective in linking as a race team is “to have some good racing and that's what it's really all about.”

But, more so, Lismore also presents the first part of a definite racing plan for the 2021-2022 season with the ASR team.

“I have not been able to travel with my own operation and hopefully with this team we can travel to other tracks and Lismore is a good starting point.”

Away from the track, Warren Ferguson, 51, is General Manager for a national commercial lighting company.

He started racing in 1996 and there was a part of his career when he did a four year stint for long time race follower and well known Sprintcar owner of the era, Ivan Palmer. Ferguson said they were very valuable years with Palmer, developing his racing skills following his emergence on the Sydney scene firstly in Speedcars and then Sprintcars under the Palmer Racing banner. (STORY BY DENNIS NEWLYN).