Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway promoter David Lander has announced race format details for the November 16 running of the 100 lap Australian Wingless Sprintcar Grand Prix.

After consultation with Northern Rivers club representatives, the schedule of events involves time trials, heats, six lap dash, B-Main and the century of GP laps main event which pays $1000 to win.

“It's a very workable race format that we have agreed to and I think it will give all competitors an opportunity to secure a favourable starting position in the main event,” Lander said.

The time trials will determine the starting positions in the heats, while the top five in each heat progress to the main event.

The exact number of heats appears set for four, with the top four from the B-main progressing to the A-main, however that part of the format has yet to be officially clarified and finalised as it's governed by the number of entries received.

These are the adjustments that will only come as the race draws closer and a final number of nominations becomes much clearer.

On the same night as the Australian Wingless AGP, the AMCA cars will share the billing, contesting the Andrew Walker Shield.

AMCAs also will participate in time trials and heats to determine the final starting field the main event.