Rain, rain GO AWAY!

That's what promoter David Lander says almost every morning when he wakes up.

He has good reason, to put that at the top of his wish list!

Since January, the Lismore region has had 700 millimetres of rain, which in the old scale measurement, amounts to close on 30 inches!

How does one prepare a speedway track with that literally hanging over one's head?

With  great difficulty!!!

The first requirement is fine weather and not just for one day!

It has to be not only sunny, but HOT AND SUNNY for unlimited number of days to at least give the track surface a remote fighting chance of drying out in time – and with sufficient time – to allow our expert track curator Tony Powell onto the circuit with the grader to prepare for the next meeting.

“It's a bit hard to prepare a track when it hasn't dried out and it does not stop raining for long enough to get it absolutely how we want it for a race night,” David emphasised.

“People don't seem to understand there are so many variables and we have to perform a juggling act

to satisfy the customers and competitors.

“While people might complain, we do what we have to do in every effort to get it right on the night, but that comes under incredibly difficult circumstances that some don't seem to appreciate or take into consideration,” he added.

This coming Saturday night will see the running of one of the oldest events in world motor sport – the Australian Speedcar Grand Prix.

This year marks the 70th edition of what is termed 'the great race' since it was first held at the former Sydney Sports Ground in 1938.