Ian O’Toole

NR52 Ian O'Toole
Home Town: Grafton
Started Speedway: 1997
Division First Raced: Compact Speedcars
First Race Car: Lowbar Compact Speedcar with a Datsun engine.
First Road Car: 1968 Holden HK Kingswood
Favourite Track: Lismore and the old Newcastle Motordrome
Career Highlights: 2nd in last year’s NSW Wingless Title.
Sponsors: Coffs Car Wreckers,  LSR Trenayr.
Toughest Competitor : Trent Martin, he is a clean racer but aggressive, David Eggins this season has been very fast and consistent.
Race you should have won and let it slip away:   Last years NSW Wingless Title, I was leading by a fair Margin only to have a red light. At the restart I didn’t have the speed to hold off a fast finishing Mick Santin.
Family: Not married, I have 6 nieces and 6 nephews, it’s a great deal I can borrow and hand back.