Letter of terms and conditions for SSA Junior Sedans to phase in at Lismore Speedway

  1. This phase in / phase out period is to assist the Lismore promotion & the LAC club into changing the junior sedan division, which is a mixture of two sedan divisions / associations competing together requiring dual registration by some competitors, to compete at this venue into one, SSA Junior Sedans. ( As requested & documented by both the promotion & the club at Lismore)

This agreement and this agreement only will be offered to all SS NSW affiliated tracks.

Those wishing to participate must also do so under this and only this agreement.


  1. This contract / agreement will commence on the 1st July 2020 and terminate on the 30th June 2022. It will not be extended at this point.


  1. Vehicles not compliant to SSA Junior Sedan Specifications must provide proof of registration with another association in an equivalent division to be eligible


  1. Vehicles / competitors entering into this phase in /phase out period will only be eligible to compete at which ever SS NSW tracks enter into this agreement. (At this stage only Lismore)

They will not be able to compete at any other NSW Venues that have not entered into this agreement, any interstate venue or any title or blue ribbon events at any venue unless becoming fully compliant to all SSA Junior Sedan specifications & paying full registration fees, having national log book issued etc.


  1. Vehicles that DO NOT comply with SSA Junior Sedan specifications that wish to take part in this phase in / phase out period will have their log books marked CLUB REGISTRATION ONLY.

Their registration fee will be subsidised and be only $60.00./ ( Half of the national registration fee & matching that of their last years registration fee)


  1. Vehicles that do comply to SSA Junior Specifications including meeting approved make & model criteria and who have the option to operate outside of these guidelines must pay full registration fees as set by the SSA at that time. This will also apply to all vehicles previously registered as SSA Junior Sedans.


  1. Vehicles entering into this phase in / phase out period that are of SSA Junior Sedan approved make & models but are not fully compliant to those specifications must be given a full list of required repairs to begin working on within the phase in period so as to become compliant before 1st July 2022. These items should be marked in order of priority with the most important items require attention first (e.g. safety items). This will give the owner time to become compliant in a workable time frame.They may also exercise the right to use all specification options as listed in the current version of the online specifications.


  1. Vehicle entering into this phase in / phase out period that are NOT of SSA Junior Sedan approved make & model must comply with the specifications as per previously required by their former association. ( As per proof of previous registration requirement)

They shall be allowed to continue competing without penalty or compliance to SSA Junior Sedan specifications just as they previously have.

These vehicles do have the option to apply to the SSA for approval. Should that approval be gained they must then also be given a full list of repairs required to meet the current SSA Junior Sedans specifications and may then and only then exercise all specification options listed in the current on line specifications for this division.


  1. All vehicles that have CLUB REGISTRATION ONLY endorsed on their log books will have the option of becoming fully compliant should they make and meet all SSA Junior Sedan criteria’s or become approved for those criteria’s. Should this scenario be reached and that vehicle became fully compliant, then a fee payable for the difference between club & national registration would apply. At this point a new log book would be issued and they will gain the rights that national registration normally brings. ( The right to compete in all SSA Junior sedan events nationally, title & blue ribbon events etc)


  1. All visiting competitors must be advised of this agreement and the vehicles they will be competing against at club level at this venue. ( This will be no different to years prior except that SSA registered sedans will no longer required dual registration to compete at Lismore. All vehicles competing solely at Lismore will now require one registration. Vehicles wishing to compete outside of the Lismore venue or other venues in NSW that wish to also participate in this agreementmay require dual registration.)


  1. ALL Junior sedan events at participating venues be advertised as SSA Junior Sedans.


  1. All promotion / clubs entering into this agreement are responsible for meeting all SSA officials requirements. That will include providing SSA registered Chief Steward, scrutineers & junior trainers. All SSA Officials will have to provide working with children clearances.( WCC Numbers)


Junior trainers will require special training prior to conducting any SSA Junior Sedan events. This programme will eventually be conducted on line via Speedway Australia, how ever at this point it can be currently done with practical training of which I can assist.


Failure to comply with any requirements listed in this phase in / phase out period agreement may and or will see penalties applied or possible termination of agreement.



Yours sincerely DOC BAILEY. SS NSW TECHNICAL (0422 307 881)