The Santins are hoping for better luck when Sophie, 13, and Jaiden, 15, contest the SSA Australian Junior Sedan Championship at Victoria's Alexandra Speedway April 8 – 10.

Just arriving at the venue will be a major accomplishment within itself!

As the kids' dad, Mick, explains: “This is the fourth time we have attempted to get to Alexandra Speedway.”

The first attempt was thwarted when the truck's gearbox failed, then the next time, the day before the Santins were to leave Lismore, the track cancelled its upcoming event because of rain, while last year it was the COVID pandemic that prevented them from reaching their Alexandra destination, “and there's the threat of rain again this time,” Mick added.

The 2022 Speedway Sedans Australia (SSA) Australian Junior Sedan Championship has attracted over 79 entries with all major states well represented.

There are four nominations from Western Australia, seven from Tasmania, 15 from Queensland and two from the Northern Territory, while other states have good representation.

With approximately 450 Junior Sedans registered in Australia under Speedway Australia, this nursery of Australian speedway continues to go from strength to strength.

The Junior Sedans have not had a national title for two years due to COVID and this National Championship looks set to be not only keenly contested but also one of the best on record.

The circumference of the Alexandra Speedway is 570 meters (measured from the pole line) and the wide open spaces of the circuit will allow for top class Junior Sedan racing.

Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway wishes Sophie and Jaiden Santin the best of luck in their quest for national number one status.