On January 18 Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway will host one of the most lucrative demolition derbies ever held on the national speedway scene.

It's a big money event that has the signature of one of the richest ever demolition derbies in Australian speedway history and members of the general public holding a current driver's licence can enter.

There's two thousand, five hundred reasons, each at the payment of a dollar, to enter. Entries can be filed via the Lismore Speedway website (

That's what the winning driver pockets – $2,500 in cold, hard cash!

It's a crash for cash epic!

Regulations and specifications are provided with each nomination form and it does not take a major rebuild to ensure a car meets the required safety standards to enter, though there are demands placed on entries.

All drivers also must have insurance which can be purchased from the track beforehand and that also includes a one day fully regulated racing licence.

All cars will be checked and examined to ensure demolition derby driver safety requirements as per strict stipulations are met. Elsewhere on the Lismore Speedway website the nomination forms with rules, regulations and specification requirements can be downloaded.

It’s as simple as that to enter!

Even the driver who is judged the “Most Spectacular” will pocket a cool $500.

The money is good and the basic rules after very simple: last car running wins the big cash award!!!

Don’t waste time to think about it: just enter now to be a part of what could be a lucrative windfall for less than an hour’s work!

A driver who enters the demolition derby has only one objective in mind and that is to crash his opposition into submission in order to win the “race” as the only car left running on the track.

That's a rule that will never be found in any other speedway race and competition event regulations handbook where “gentlemanly track etiquette” is not only desired but mandatory at all times.

It's almost anything goes in a demolition derby which resembles a bull fight on wheels!

Cars will be crashed, bodywork will be absolutely battered, doors demolished and mud guards mangled as the epic survival of the fittest rages into the ultimate elimination contest!

Sometimes the winning car has few panels attached and is not even on four wheels! Just so long as the motor is running and it's mobile and is the ultimate survivor of this crunching metal mayhem, that's money in the bank - $2500 in fact!

Promoter David Lander can be contacted directly on 0408222908 and will accept your nomination over the phone after contact details for nomination forms to be forwarded either via email or post are provided. Give him a call!

For other enquiries relating to the big money demolition derby on January 18 also phone 0400450205. Email: