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With every great organisation there is an even greater team of individuals who go the extra mile to ensure it's success. Lismore Speedway is no different, along with a dedicated team of volunteers there a few individuals that without them there would be no speedway. Those below are that team...

David Lander
David Lander is the current Promoter here at Lismore Speedway. Coming to Lismore Speedway in 2007, David has been overseeing the enormous success of the track and to facilitate those events that not only showcase speedway in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, but Australia wide.
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Carol Lander
Ann Clarke
Tony Powell
Track Curator/Photographer
Tony Powell is the track curator and has been ensuring the track is fit for racing for over 17 years, he is also the track photographer and can be seen in the middle with his camera at most race meets.
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Dennis Newlyn
Dennis is a seasoned speedway fan and editor with a long career and has been instrumental in creating the articles for the anniversay magazine released in 2018. He also is the creator of post race articles and more...
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Infield Commentator
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